WAISSSport Athletics Champs are postponed until term four.



Thank you to Roger and Barbie Barton of Waiohine for hosting the event in perfect conditions. 

Year 9 Girls

1st Brook Miller - Wairarapa College

2nd Ava Edge - St Matthews College

3rd Ava Wilson - Solway College

Under 16 Girls

1st Meg Speedy - St Matthew's Collegiate

2nd Ruby Matthews - St Matthew's Collegiate

3rd Ella Kirkup - St Matthew's Collegiate

Teams - St Matthews

Under 20 Girls 

1st Micah Wratt - Kuranui College

2nd Sam Plimmer - St Matthews

3rd Mackenzie Murray - Chanel College

Teams - Solway College

AWD Girls 

1st Keira Scott Smith - Wairarapa College

Year 9 Boys

1st Charles Edge - Rathkeale College

2nd Rory Faulkner - Wairarapa College

3rd William Orsborne - Rathkeale College

Teams - Rathkeale College

Under 16 Boys

1st Ethan Davidson - Wairarapa College

2nd Hamish Patel - Rathkeale College

3rd Angus Jaspers - Rathkeale College

Teams -  Rathkeale College

Under 20 Boys

1st William Larkin - Wairarapa College

2nd Jack Hunter - Rathkeale College

3rd Flynn Register - Rathkeale College

Teams - Rathkeale College


​​​​​​​1st Josh Taylor - Wairarapa College

2nd Thomas Morland -  Kuranui College

3rd Trystan van do Loo - Wairarapa College

Teams - Wairarapa College