WAISSSport AWD Tenpin Bowling


10am, Thursday 14th September, Masterbowl, Queen Street, Masterton


Students from Wairarapa and Kuranui Colleges  enjoyed the WAISSSport AWD Tenpin Bowling Festival Day held in September, it was a great day of smiles and improvement. 

Joint Top Scorers on 132 Ataarngi Poutu (Kuranui) and Sam A (Wai Coll) with most improved player Michael Fletcher (Kuranui) going from 73 in the first game to 129 in the second.

Sam A, Sam N Trystan and Harry from Wairarapa College took first place in the teams event from Ataarangi, Thomas Morland, Ivy-Rose O’Donovon and Topaz Simpson by just 2 pins.