In 2023 we are introducing a range of opportunities for students to increase their off field/court skills to support their
sports performances.

     Hauora - Getting the Balance

          Learn about
                  The Four Pillars of Health: Taha Tinana (Physical), Taha Hinengaro (Emotional), Taha Whanau (Social and Taha Wairua   
​​​​​​​                  (Spiritual)
                  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Self Actualisation, Esteem, Aroha, Safety, Physiological
         Put Learnings into action
                  Setting SMART Goals
                  Building a manageable plan​​​     

     Injury Prevention & Fundamental Skills

        Injury Prevention 
                 What causes injuries?
                 Key whats to prevent injuries  
        Fundamental Movement 

                 What are they?
                 How can I improve mine?

     Goalie Traning - Football & Hockey


                 Key visiting coaches will run through skills and drills with goalie specialists.

     Injury Management & First Aid

                   What to do when injured?
                How to get back to you best in the shortest amount of time
                Basic Sports Injury First Aid
                When to seek professional help - Doctor, Physio, Chiropractor etc
                When and How to strap?

     Sports Nutrition


                 Eating a balanced diet
                 Choosing the right snacks and drinks
                 Recipes for post training and game day

     Sports Psychology

       What motivates you?
                  Coping with winning, loosing, not meeting goals, exceeding expectation

                  School, Coach, Parental expectations
                  Growing resilience