WAISSSport 2023 Mountain Bike Champs

What a day, it was awesome to finally hold the inaugural WAISSSport Mountain Bike Champs. A massive shout out to the team at Rivenrock for assisting in getting this event off the ground.

The wind may have posed an extra challenge but we got all the racing in before the skies opened.

Well done to all the riders.

Overall placings

Junior Boys

   1st George Johns - Rathkeale College
   2nd Taylin Hunter - Wairarapa College
   3rd Angus Wells - Wairarapa College

Senior Boys

   1st Jordan Miles - Rathkeale College
   2nd Ashton Flitcroft - Kuranui College
​​​​​​​   3rd Logan Angove - Rathkeale College


   1st Brooke Miller - Wairarapa College

Congratulations to all our Spot Prize winners.

Looking forward to our Give it a GO opportunity in Term Four and the 2024 Champs.


A Novice Day including relays will be held in Term Four (Date to be confirmed) 

Individual Langlands Loop
Inter Coll Relay Langlands Loop (3 person)